Pressure Jet Helicopters

Additional Information

 Business Summary:  Helicopters that are produced today perform a lot of great service for people, but they have also enjoyed limited use as they are very difficult to fly and even more difficult to learn to fly, are noisy and difficult to maintain as they have lots of moving parts.  These problems, that are inherent in the current design that employs a torque driven main rotor and, therefore requires an anti-torque device such as a tail rotor, leave an opportunity to improve upon their basic design to eliminate, or minimize these problems.

Our Solution:  We are going to research, design, assemble, test fly, and manufacture for sale revolutionary types of helicopters that eliminate the main source of the problems of conventional helicopters, that is the torque driven main rotor.  By driving the main rotor from the tip of each rotor blade, rather than from the mast, you eliminate the torque and the need for an anti-torque device such as a tail rotor, and, therefore, most of the inherent problems of conventional helicopters.  Airbat is currently researching and designing two types of helicopters that solve these problems.  One is called an Air Jet Rotor Helicopter that drives the main rotor by pumping a large amount of air under pressure out through each rotor blade to nozzles at the extreme outboard tip of rotor blade.  These "air jets" turn the main rotor in such a way so as to eliminate the torque on the fuselage.  We use a gas turbine, or an electric motor powered by batteries, to drive a centrifugal air compressor as the source of air.  This type design was first flown by us in 1980 , but we could not find a suitable power unit that was available to us at that time.  That helicopter is pictured on page one.  The second design is similar in that it uses air jets at the tip of each blade to turn the rotor, so it will also act as a helicopter for take offs and landings, but we add a propeller at the rear of the aircraft to push it through the air at a faster, more efficient speed.  In this design, called a Compound Helicopter, the main rotor will convert to an auto-gyro for forward flight and convert back to a helicopter as one approaches landing.  This design will be faster and more efficient than the air jet design.

Our Advantages:  Both models will have these advantages:

1.  Both types are easier to learn to fly and to operate, which also makes them inherently safer.

2.  Both types are true helicopters in that they can take off and land vertical, and hover as well.

3.  Both types are much quieter than a conventional helicopter.

4.  Both types are more reliable as they have a greatly reduced number of moving parts.

5.  The "dead mans zone" is eliminated and safety/reliability enhanced.

6.  Both models will be very enjoyable to fly.

In addition, the Compound Helicopter has these additional advantages:

1.  It is even more efficient.

2.  It is much faster, about 180 MPH plus.