Frank G. Verbeke, PE. 

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan, worked for Curtiss Wright and Continental Aviation as a development engineer for small gas turbines and rotating combustion engines.  Joined Solar Turbines in San Diego and was involved in development and applications f or gas turbines in the power range from 90 hp to 3,000 hp.  Became Project Engineer for KS generator sets sold to the Bell Systems and Program Manager for 200kW and 750kW gas turbine generator set programs.

After 8 years at Solar Turbines, accepted Vice President position at King-Knight Company in the San Francisco Bay area.  Was engaged in the custom assembly of power equipment such as engine-generator sets, switchgear, gas turbine packages, and rotary "no-break" power units.

Returned to San Diego to start Verbeke & Associates as a consulting firm to Solar, Lear Motors, Sun Electric and others in the field of gas turbines applications for industry.

In 1971, founded Alturdyne to design and manufacture engine power systems for commercial, industrial, and governmental applications using gas turbine, reciprocating and rotary engines.  A total of over 4,500 engine power units have been produced and installed worldwide.  Contributions to the sciences of acoustics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics and engine emissions have been demonstrated. 

Along with Alturdyne, founded Alturaire in 1978 as an aerospace company to deal with homebuilt aircraft, helicopters, high performance turbines, rotary engines and exotic systems.  Continuing this work currently.

A member of Society of Automotive Engineers and Professional Engineer C-10 contractor's license.

Stephen R. Caruthers,BS, MA

Raised on a wheat farm and ranch in Western South Dakota working full time during the summers starting at a very early age where he learned the values of a strong work.  After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Animal Science, he purchased a ranch on the West side of his dad's ranch.  Developed the first irrigation project on upland soils in Western South Dakota and built a backgrounding feed lot on the ranch.  Sold the ranch after 5 years.

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a Master of Agriculture degree in Feedlot Management, basically an MBA, managed commercial feedlots in New Mexico and Nebraska.  The last on was a 28,000 head feedlot in Nebraska.

Was introduced to a Air-Jet Rotor Helicopter prototype in Kearney Nebraska in March 1978.  Joined Eagle Helicopter Corporation a few months later, becoming a stockholder and then President in late 1978.  Moved the company to Pierre, South Dakota in early 1979.  Raised $1,600,000 of personal, family and stockholders and an SBA loan, to recruit a team of people, including A&P mechanics, draftsmen, engineers, a power unit supplier, Alturdyne, a rotor blade manufacturer and support staff, to design, engineer, build and successfully fly the prototype, pictured on page 1.  The project was shelved as a suitable power unit was not available.

With my wife and another couple, helped found the Colorado School of Professional Psychology, a doctoral program here in Colorado Springs.  Wrote the business plan, helped raise the start-up funds and joined the Board of Directors.  Served on the Board for 8 years until the school was sold to Bridgepoint Education when the name of the school was changed to the University of the Rockies.

Became a real estate investor and Realtor in Colorado Springs starting in 2000.  Started doing fix and flips and eventually kept 16 of them for rentals.  Divested myself of all the rentals during 2005 and continued as a Realtor.  Currently, I am a Realtor at Keller Williams Partners ion Colorado Springs.